Dairy products

Actilight® is chosen by food manufacturers for both its sensory and nutritional properties. Indeed, addition of fibres can play a significant role in the improvement of the food product taste and texture.

Actilight® is used in dairy products for sugars reduction, fibre enrichment, and for its prebiotic effect, which is very much appreciated to support probiotic bacteria in yoghurts and fermented drinks. 
From the sensory point of view, Actilight® improves the mouthfeel by increasing unctousness, which can help to compensate for fat reduction. It also reduces synaeresis, and bring a mild and sweet taste. 

Actilight® can be incorporated directly in dairy products, or through fruit preparations or toppings. Actilight® is also being used in added fibre-milk. 



To have a look at applications of Actilight® in dairy desserts, fermented milk and cheese, please click on the links above.


FOS and maltitol lower glycaemic response

A scientific study published in March in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrates the benefits of the usage of maltitol and short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS from sucrose) to lower postprandial glycaemic response and reduce insulin release when replacing sugars in sugar-free de ...
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FOS from sucrose allowed in Infant Formulae in China

The National Health and Family Planning Commission of China now authorises Actilight® short chain Fructo-oligosaccharides from sucrose as a permitted substance for fortification in Infant Formulae. Actilight® is a non viscous, instant soluble fiber with a taste profile similar to suc ...
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Digestive tolerance and sugars reduction

FOS and polyols such as maltitol are frequently used, alone or in combination, in energy-reduced or sugar-reduced food formulations. According to a recent clinical study led by Tereos Syral with Biofortis, the combination ...
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Actilight® at Vitafoods 2013

We will be glad to inform you about Actilight® at Vitafoods exhibition in Geneva from 14 ...
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High fibre, high protein cranberries biscuit

Delicious high fibre and high protein biscuits can be formulated with Actilight® FOS and Meripro® soluble wheat proteins. The laminated biscuits with cranberries designed by Tereos Syral contain 6.2g/100g of fibre and 20g/100g of protein, protein bringing 20% of ener ...
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