Prebiotic Effect

The prebiotic effect of Actilight® has been demonstrated by more than 200 clinical studies worldwide. This prebiotic effect consists in bringing specific changes in the composition and/or activity of the digestive microflora in order to confer health and well-being benefits. Active enough to stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria at 2.5 g per day during seven days of supplementation, Actilight® is one of the most efficient prebiotic fibres.

Clinical studies have clearly shown that Actilight® improves the digestive comfort. After 6 weeks of consumption of Actilight®, the intensity of abdominal pain significantly decreases. 96% of the subjects observed a significant improvement of digestive comfort and 83% did confirm a better well-being in their daily activities.

Many studies have proven a positive effect on the immune system with the reinforcement of the intestinal barrier effect and the reduction of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract. Enhancement of the bio-availability of calcium and magnesium has also been demonstrated. Moreover, Actilight® was shown to enhance the absorption of isoflavones from the diet and to improve bone density by increasing their bio-availability.

FOS and maltitol lower glycaemic response

A scientific study published in March in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrates the benefits of the usage of maltitol and short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS from sucrose) to lower postprandial glycaemic response and reduce insulin release when replacing sugars in sugar-free de ...
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FOS from sucrose allowed in Infant Formulae in China

The National Health and Family Planning Commission of China now authorises Actilight® short chain Fructo-oligosaccharides from sucrose as a permitted substance for fortification in Infant Formulae. Actilight® is a non viscous, instant soluble fiber with a taste profile similar to suc ...
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Digestive tolerance and sugars reduction

FOS and polyols such as maltitol are frequently used, alone or in combination, in energy-reduced or sugar-reduced food formulations. According to a recent clinical study led by Tereos Syral with Biofortis, the combination ...
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Actilight® at Vitafoods 2013

We will be glad to inform you about Actilight® at Vitafoods exhibition in Geneva from 14 ...
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High fibre, high protein cranberries biscuit

Delicious high fibre and high protein biscuits can be formulated with Actilight® FOS and Meripro® soluble wheat proteins. The laminated biscuits with cranberries designed by Tereos Syral contain 6.2g/100g of fibre and 20g/100g of protein, protein bringing 20% of ener ...
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